Gardening Services

At Cal’s Market and Garden Center, our goal is to give every customer a quality experience, whether they’re trying their hand at gardening for the very first time or they’re an experienced green thumb gardener.

Our gardening services and packages, allow our gardening professionals to garden for you. Whether it’s just for one special project that you need assistance for the planning and executing, or if your yard needs to be totally spruced up, our team is here to help!

Gardening Packages

On-Site Design Consultation
Up to 1 hour on-site – plant selection, garden coaching, personal shopping, etc. Receive a $75 gift card at your follow up personal shopper appointment at Cal’s where your plant selections are pulled and shared with you

Spring Wake Up
Introductory Level of services – Spring cleanup, getting ready for an event – 3 hours with a pair of gardeners

Garden Care
12 hours with a pair of gardeners – can be spread over multiple sessions

Priority Care
2.5 hours per week for a total of 26 weeks

Gardening Services

We offer many gardening services including:

  • Designer container plantings
  • Weeding
  • Plant shopping lists, delivery, and placement
  • Dividing Perennials
  • And, more!

To learn more about our gardening packages and services, and to get information about pricing, please download our Gardening Gals flyer!

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